Welcome to My Webpage

Hi,..my name is Marky Siver and I came from the island of Chuuk. I am a student at the College of Micronesia, and I am a sophomore now. My major is Computer Information System, and I really enjoy taking the courses that are required for my major. What I have to talk about in my webpage is our life styles nowadays and in the old days.


Today our life styles are not quite same as the life styles in the old days. Nowadays people have different things that were not there during the old days. People dress differently, walk differently, eat different food, have different behaviors and attitudes, and have different kinds of things. According to our life style today, teenagers are the ones who are mostly influence into many different ways of life styling.

The most common life style today that the teenagers have is suicide. Hanging is the most common way of suicide among teenagers. By both female and male. Nowadays this is what have been happen to most teenagers when they got into trouble with someone or when they got deeply in mad with their parents or family members. It is sad to ask why does he/she have to do that? and the answer will always because he gets mad at his parents, relatives, brothers, or uncle and so on. To solve this problem we have to work together to decrease the number of deaths of suicide by hanging.

Parents are the important ones to solve this kind of problem with their kids, it has to start out from the parents. Parents have to educate their kids in teaching them what is the right thing to do and what is not good for them to do. Every kids have to be in school in order to understand many different kinds of things. It is important for someone to grow up in a well educated family with a good living environment.