Loria Likiche!!!

 also knwon as ChinapLOLO

Visiting A New World!!

In the begining I belong to a small and dark world. In my world there are only wires that are hanging around. It was very dark and every time I have to lay down and sleep. When I'm awake I just have to kick and kick my world and no body bothers me. I do not eat while in the world, what makes me feel strong is oxygen and it comes from one of the wires that called umbilical cord. It automatically come through the wire that connects to my belly button. During those times I never swallow things in my mouth I am never bother. My world was a world of freedom, all I do is sleep, wake up and mess around all by myself. As times passed by I get bigger and bigger, stronger and stronger and can not able to fit my world.

On April 16,1981 I was converted into a new world-it was a world of lightness. The first thing that I saw in the world is very big people like me in blue uniform. They all look like giants to me and so I cried and cried. I was not used to the new world. There was one of the giants that took me to a lady. So, the lady that took me and put her breast on to my lips and it slipped through my mouth. That was the first time I tasted the kind of white and unsweet liquid. At first I do not like the liquid, times passes by and through I get to like it. And that becomes the food that I'm usually fed with daily.

In that new world I get to see both day and night. When it is dark a lady that took care of me always put to sleep. And when I'm awake in the morning, the same lady along with her partner-the opposite sex-came to me and make me want to laugh. When I am with the couple I am always happy. If I cried, they'd make me happy right away.They feed me and care for me. If I can't sleep at night they'd find a way to make me rest well. They are always by my side to guide me.

As days and nights passes by my body gets bigger and stronger. I started to crawled, put a step forward and until I know how to run and even speak. The lady that took care of me from then until I started school is called mom. I use to call her mom or my mother. She was a nice lady. She's not with me but still remembered for all the nicest things she betowed upon me and until now that I am in college and mature enough to understand what is good and bad.