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The culture of Yap has been preserved up to these days. It is one of the major attractions for tourist coming to Yap. We take pride in our culture!

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Yap State Is the westernmost island state in the Federated State of Micornesia. It is consist of eleven inhabited outer islands which are Ngulu, Ulithi, Fais, Sorol, Eauripik, Woleai, Ifalik, Feraulap, Elato, Lamotrek, and Satawal. The language in the outer island is broken into three similar languages. There is Ulithian language, which is commonly used in Ulithi, Sorol, Fais, and Ngulu. There is Woleaian language, commonly used in Eauripik, Woleai, Ifalik, Feraulap, Elato, and Lamotrek. The third language is Satawalese, which is similar to Chuukese language. The outer island languages are totally different from the one used in the mainland. Where i came from is called Eauripik. We speak the Woleaian language. My island is the tiniest among the inhabited outer islands. The outer islands of yap are still exercising the past lifestyle. They still sail on outrigger canoes and also the way they dress are pretty much old style. Even in the mainland of Yap state are still practicing their customs in the villages. If you want to know more about Yap State, Click here to find out more!!