Satowan, Island Of Magic Perfume

Hello, Kaselehlie, Len wo, Mogethin and Ran annim from the beautiful islands of Chuuk! My name is Katalina Mony but you can call me katabobz. I'm from Satowan island which is located in the Mortlocks regions, Chuuk State, Federated States of Micronesia.

Satowan is one of the islands in the Mortlocks that was known or popular long time ago. For one thing, is the love perfume. It has been known since the beginning of Satowan history that this perfume possesses the most mighty magic in all of Chuuk State. It is a love perfume that is extremely powerful. When applied, it can stimulate affectionate feelings in another person.However, it must be applied with great care because it can completely change a person when applied to the limbs or the face. For example, when not properly used, it can cause infections on the skin. The most important thing about this perfume is in stimulating love. However, there are two things about this perfume: One is, if the perfume works properly, the person on whom it is applied will constantly think about or even mention the name of person who applied it. After all, the recipient will always search for the one who applied it and will chase after him or her. In this case, they may end up married or something like that. On the other hand, if is not properly used, it can cause an individual to have a wild feelings about the person who applied it. This pefume can only used by the owner only but now there are others members of the clans who are related to the owner know how to make it and use it. Once again, it is very powerful and potentially dangerous effects, it reguires a great deal of patience and consideration before it is used. It does gets the best results when a man is madly in love with a women and the women hates the man so much that she always citicizes him whenever they meet. If the man is willing to take his time and fine the opportunity to apply the perfume, the women's feeling for him will completely change. So my advise for girls, don't hate guys otherwise, if they apply this kind of perfume, you will end up married him. But not just the guys can used this kind of perfume, also girls.

Another thing about Satowan, during the World War II, Satowan was used by the Japanese as one of their base as they fought against the United States of America. Today, we can still see the tanks, caves, and many things that left after the war. Some areas on the island has been damaged by American bombs. So, if you are intereting to see what is left after the World War II, go and visit Satowan.

Kalangan, thank you, Kinnisou chapur for visiting my web page and wish u all a good day..