Welcome to my Webpage

My name is Junior Pretrick. I am 20 years of age. I am from Pohnpei and I live in Dolonier, Nett. I am now attending College of Micronesia and planning on transferring to University of Hawaii at Hilo where I continue my study in computers. My goal is to continue of studying till I get a masters degree. Junior Pretrick Another goal is to work hard to be successful in basketball. We are now top in the interscholastic basketball tournament and I should practice hard to maintain our team level. Lastly tryout for the Microgames has started and I am working hard because I want to participate as a team player. In the future I want finish off school and get a masters degree before getting married. I want to become a computer experts. Why, because I like computers and also good salary. I want to get married to a hot, fine looking chick with only one kid. I'm not planning to have more then one kid because it wastes money, and my wifes gonna get ugly after the fifth baby. My hobbies are playing sports like basketball, football, baseball, and volleyball. I also like watching movies and playing video games.