Education is the Key to a better Future

When young, we have many things to learn. All human beings go through this learning process. To extend the knowledge we learn at home, we go to school where we learn additional valuable information. We all have personal goals that we want to achieve in life. However, whatever our goals may be of our education. School activities such as games and picnics are also part of our education. Participation in such activities reduces drug abuse and the use of alcohol among today is youth because it reduces boredom and depression. In fact, similar activities are needed to prevent youth from using drugs and alcohol, which in turn leads to other major problems, and can even cause early death. Education gives young people something profitable to do. Instead of doing nothing at home, we go to school, where we gain knowledge that benefits us.

Modern technology has improved the quality of the work place and reduced the amount of manual work performed. Every office has computers and other useful machinery. Education makes this machinery possible, and we must be educated in order for us to use such advanced technology. Sometimes it seems impossible to finish our education. We have many obstacles. Therefore, we must be determined to achieve our goals. Learning advanced technology can be very complicated, however, the advantages of understanding it will make our lives much easier.

Enlightens our mind

Education enlightens our minds and increases our understanding to make better choices. It prevents us from being fooled. Smart employers often exploit uneducated workers because they are not good at negotiating their contracts. It is everyone responsibility to find an education so that we do not regret our wrong decisions. Throughout our lives, we all will need to be capable of making right decisions to make our lives much easier. Education provides a good chance for young people to learn how to make moral decisions. What we learn from experienced advisors and counselors will always make a difference. Advisors and counselors, being experienced, provide solutions, and make it possible to solve problems effectively.

Government leaders usually have qualities that others do not have. A higher level of education is required for an individual to be responsible as a leader. People usually elect candidates who have completed their education. Everybody wants to have a bright person, as his or her leader for a leader must lead. We, the young people of today, should understand that we are the leaders of tomorrow. It is up to us to decide whether we want a better government.

Better Life

Usually, we seek an education so that we can get a job with a higher salary. Advertisement of job vacancies nowadays usually includes the requirements that the applicant must have in order to be eligible for it. It is through education that these requirements can be achieved. Usually, jobs with higher salary would require a higher level of education. Therefore, to get such jobs at a younger age, we the young people, must get an education earlier in life. As a result of having a good education, good jobs are always available. Good jobs, in turn, lead us to having more money. With money, we can have a good house and, more importantly, helps us better off being independent. In addition, money is what everyone should have in order to have a family. Without money, a family will not be able to achieve their goals. Education at a younger age leads the young to living a better and longer life. It is never too late to work for a better life. Since we learn new things everyday, education is a lifetime process. Education holds the only key to having a better life. Therefore, we, the young, should all get educated and remember that a life without an education is a life half-lived.

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