Hello people, my name is Emmy Rose Gilmete. I'm from Pohnpei and I won't tell you my age. This is my second year at College of Micronesia and I'm suppose to talk about something, which I don't know what???? O.k I found it


I remembered when I was a little girl my mom always told me, "Emmy you can't do that in front of your brothers", and I always asked her,"why?" Now I'm a grown woman and I finally got the idea. I mean its in our culture to repects our brothers. It's good you know, to show respect for your brothers but as the same its not good. I mean the respect I'm talking about includes hiding.If you know what I mean!!!!! For example, you can not take your boyfriend to your house because you respect your brother, so if you want to meet your boyfriend you have to sneak out or hide from them. This is why many Pohnpeians married at an early age.They sneak out and get caught and the boy's or the man's family take them to the girl's house and apologize for what happen and then ask for the girl's hand.They do this because of the girl's brother. I mean just imagine whats the boy and girl feel about, especially the girl. They don't want to get married but they have to.

I'm not yet finish but so far this is what I have.