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Species Extinction

The Earth is now facing a major extinction of species and not many people realize it. They don't realize how much of a threat it is for humans in the next century. What makes species become extinct? This is the question Paleontologists are trying to answer for so many years. Then they came up with population and how it effect this major mass extinction. "The entire primary causes of species extinction, destruction of habitat, fragmentation of habitat, over-hunting and over-harvesting are due to an expanding human population",(EcoWorld).

Our population is still growing and if it continues to grow for the next century, we can expand our availble resources. We may also have exceeded it. According to a Paloentologists, Dr. Niles extinction in the past were all cause by the physical events that lay ouside the normal climatic. And now the world population contribute more than the climate. Just think how many people are alive and depending on our species.However it's very difficult for people to cooperate for some people think that this world is boring while others think it's very interesting. It is same for Biologists and Economists. Biologists are alarm by this mass extinction while Economists think that if we run out of resources we can always find something else to replace it. "We run out of resources in the past and we found something else to replace them, so they ignore the quality of life issue", (Harding).

There's nothing we can do about it now for the extinction has already started and the population growth is very high now. However we could atleast try to educate our children about this extinction now but not later. We can also educate them about population growth espescially the girls since they're one who will be giving birth.

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