appropriation of voice

When a writer misrepresents other culture, in this case the writer’s audiences will believe in the writer even if it’s all fiction. According to Rukhsana Khan "when a writer writes historical fiction, they are writing about another" culture. Few weeks ago, our teacher Paul Ridding asks us what is our first image when he says "Africa". The first image that came through my mind is a really hot place, no water, dangerous animals and filled with dangerous peoples. My image came from a movie that has been misrepresented by a filmmaker. Then I found out that it’s not bad as I think.

This kind of situation happened once in our expository class. Our teacher, Paul Ridding say that they were riding in Kolonia town and there was a car leading on their side of the road and no car can pass the car in front and a friend told him that the reason why they are not passing the car is because the driver was a magician or a witch doctor. This is a good example of misunderstanding or misrepresenting a culture they didn’t really know about. The point here is that if Ridding writes a book about this situation the world will believe the story otherwise it a lie. But the truth is that maybe the driver is the Nanmwarki or a senator or a Noble person. Because here in Pohnpei, we show respect to the elders or to the Nobles. No adult or teenager can just run pass an "Mwohnsapw"or "Seriiso". This is like your crossing an old noble man in line.

Rukhsana Khan shows some cultures that have been misrepresented by non- aboriginal writers. One of her examples is that an author claims that an Islamic woman uses the "old Islam" covering dresses to protect them from sands. A really big major effect. The author really changes it backwards. Khan says that the truth is that the dress covers the women from lascivious eyes. This appropriation of voice. I believe that the writes what she immediately knows. This is like abusing other culture (Stacy). Khan stated that " a person coming to a culture from a foreigner viewpoint often sees things a person raised in that culture is blind to see.

In a book called Zakis Ramadon that I found in Khan's article, again the author misrepresents the culture. The author stated that the people "prey the dawn prayer before they eat. But Khan stated that its a lie, when they started to pray, the fast also begun. Kahn says that " they can spoil an other wise beautiful story". This kind of problem really changes the cultural ways of a society. This is a major problem in the Native Community. (Williams). This is why writers should do some research before making stories otherwise the story would be a fiction and "fiction has different rules that make appropriation of voice necessary" says Williams.

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