Chuuk was long ago overruled by several nations which leads to a major controversy between two very powerful nations. The controversy eventually became a fatal war in the Pacific. And Chuuk was not the only island under these powerful nations, in fact, most of the islands in the Pacific. The war was called the World War II which I'm sure everybody knows by oral and written history, even movies.

After the war was over, resulting in many many damages in diverse places. Chuuk was also known as one of the most beautiful sites in terms of WRECKS. Almost in every section in Chuuk one could not miss at least a piece of World War II event. One could come upon the exclusive wrecks on land but especially in the beautiful blue ocean. Due to the lack of history interest, we, the Micronesians have a little concern or interest about the wrecks which attract people from all over the world. Our late ancestors did not give any attention to such thing like this. But not so many years ago Chuuk began gaining its fame for its exclusive sites resulting from the World War II.

Chuuk island is a wonderful diving resort or is also known as the Chuuk Lagoon.

Among the four States in the FSM, Chuuk Lagoon is a very well known as the shipwrecks. It too has a clear and beautiful view on the beach where you come out under the coconut trees and enjoy yourself under the sun. Sometimes the Chuukese even come out and entertain for the tourists.

Tourists always come to Chuuk to dive the rich and deep blue sea and witness the shipwrecks. As a matter of fact, tourists and other people from other places have been longing to pay a visit to Chuuk Lagoon to see who can dive the deepest. Yet some are longing to come to witness the shipwrecks and see what they can find for themselves. Whenever the Chuukese hear about tourists coming to dive, they are always prepared to welcome them and make them feel more comfortable. In fact, there are ships provided for diver-tourists. One of these ship is called the Truk Agressor II. This ship helps bring the tourists around to dive. This ship is indeed a comfortable ship that has anything a tourist needs. Not only the divers dive to see the shipwrecks, but also dive for adventures.

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