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Hello frends.....My name is Anarita Theodore. I am currently attending College of Micronesia, major in Computer Information system. I am expecting to graduate in fall 2003 with an As Degree in Computer Information System if i will pass all the course reguirement for my major..

Wanna know about my family???? Well, here it is...I am the oldest one in my family. I have two sisters and no brothers. My two sisters are both in High School. One is attending PICS High School and the other one is attending John F. Kennedy. The one that is attending John f. Kennedy will be graduating next month May 21, 2002. My two sisters grew up in Guam, and i grew up here until my freshmen here then i moved from here to them in Guam. But before we used to lived in Chuuk on a small island called Dublon.


About my island Dublon. Dublon is just a small island. Not many people living in this island, maybe for mmmmm...well not so sure how many, but Dublon has some nicest place for sightseeing like the bridge that connect Youngku to my villiage called Kuchuwa. That bridge was made by the Japanese people. There is a japanese bunker was in Dublon too that was also made by the japanese. If you want to see the picture of it. You can go to the link.

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