JinapLOLO from the under world!!

emon anu Emon fin Lemataw!! epwele oche ei

Hello, my name is Loria Likiche. My friends used to called me Chinaplolo and my family called me LOLO. I came from an extended family. My mom got lots of brothers and sisters, but my dad got no sisters and only a half brother whereas I got lots of siblings; three girls and fours brothers.

I am a pure Chuukese-one of the four states in the FSM. I was born in Chuuk State and was raise on Weno.I am one of a kind; single and not available! Because my parents always tell me that I am the worst in our family, I am afraid to show what's good deep inside of me. I can only show the worst thing; like fooling around and tempting my friends, in other words I may say that I am low in self-esteem!!! Thaaat's it...!! Any thing you wanna know about me, just call on Lusifer... He'll be glad to quide you through me.


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