My Village


Thank you for visitng my web page!

My name is Laurette Rosario and I am currently attending the College Of Micronesia. I am majoring in Computer Information Systems. My webpage will be about my very owm village.

My village is called Paliais. Paliais is located in Nett. If you are thinking where that is. Well it is a palce in the Federated States of Micronesia on the island of a Pohnpei. Paliais means the "ice side". Many people think of the name as a place where there are lots of ice because "Pali"means side and "ais" well people confuseit with the word ice.Actually, it is a place where it has many trees called ais. Ais is a type of tree that has these coconut looking seeds.People use these seeds for decorations, local medicine, andtoys for children. Now, you can see that it was name after a tree found to be abundant there.

Paliais is the village you have to pass to get to Nett Point, a popular swimming site. It is a very quiet village. Not so many cars run well there , except for Sundays. The village is divided into four sections(Takai ehu, Chupen, Nan Pohn Sapw, and Sohn ting). You can see my village when you are at the "causeways" to the airport.