wElcOme To mY weB pAgE!!!

Tu-wo...Len-wo...Ekewo from the villages of Kosrae!!!

This is where it all get started,on the beautiful green island of Kosrae,or known as The Sleeping Lady.This island is famous because of its' beauty,kindness, and mostly the unique formation on the high mountains.Beneath the high mountains,there is a thick jungle and other mangrove areas surround the mountains.You can find lots of rivers and waterfalls while hiking around the mountains.

The island have three high mountains:

You can find different shells on the clean beach along the island,even uder the sea water.The island is surrounded by a fringing reef and you can also find diferent kinds of fish under the bluish,clear water.The tourists on the island exlore both the land and the ocean.They are really enjoying the island (tour sites).

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