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Len wo nu suwos mwet Kosrae!

Tuwo nu suwos mwet matu, nina ac papa, tulig fusr wo matwa ku wo in liyeyuk,mui,fokoko ac lalmetmet COM, ac tia pa mulkunla in fwak ekewo nu sin tulig sri...srik su fana ilyak nu ke College of Micronesia.

Len wo or hi! I am Tony Tosie,22, from the state of Kosrae schooling at the College Of Micronesia at Pohnpei National Campus. My major is Computer Information System and I really enjoy working with computers. I am working as a working study student in a math/sience computer lab with Dana Leeling for about a year. My goal is to get a AS Degree in which I am planning to graduate in Summer 2002.


Likinpot Pisin

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mukulfusr ac mutanfusr yekula

College of Micronesia

Here are some of my friends from Kosrae schooling at the College Of Micronesia.This photo was taken from the COM picnic at Langur. At the front row from L-R: Megan.Sigrah, Kenye.Mongkeya, Shiver Edmond and Ason Tulensru. At the back from L-R: Tinson Luey, Vincent Taulung, Tony Tosie, Jorim Luckymis and Hapin Jonas.

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