"Kosrae, The island of the Sleeping Lady"

Welcome to My Island!

Sleeping Beauty!

"Beautiful Kosrae is in the Federated 13 States of Micronesia. Kosrae, being the second largest island, is a paradise for divers and adventurers alike. We have the most beautiful white beaches in Micronesia."

The mangrove of Kosrae are some of the most amazing to be found any where in the world. In some places they form a high jungle canopy where rivers flow below and channels rise and fall with the tide. Immense root systems and a myriad of animal and the plant life flourish in these complex ecosystems.

There is also a marine preserve on Kosrae where juvenile creatures are allowed to grow and flourish unmolested by man.

Not all of Kosrae is paved and villages like Walung can be riched by boat. Here people go about there daily lives without cars or electricity. They commute at high tide and must live both from and with the sea.

Kosrae also known for its abundance and variety of locally grown fruits and vegetables. The air of the island is filled with the scent of sweet produce.

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