Hello and Hi! I'm Killy Silem, and I'm from the state of Chuuk. My friends call me 'Tima', and so I prefer that name to be called by. I'm 5'9" tall and I weigh 181lbs. I came from a small family in Chuuk, where i usually refered to as my sweet home. I have friends from my island and some from other places. I have four brothers and no sister. I found it very hard living without a sister and I do also find it better living without.

I'm at the College of Micronesia, studying computer and hoping to graduate early as possible. I like the College of the fact that its giving me apportunities and the chance to started making decision as a man and as a person in general. I would say I'm having a total freedom here while studying at the College and I do learned a lot of things from it. I'm planning to further my education in my field until I get my BA degree, and from there I don't know.

Well, nothing much to add, here is alright, fun, exciting, and sad.


My Hobbies are:

  1. Basketball
  2. Listening to Musics
  3. Hanging out with friends on the weekend.

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