Juleen Sale

Kaselehlie,Kamagar,Ran Allim,Paing Kom and hello to you.I'm Juleen Sale from Kitti Pohnpei.This is my second year at this College(College of Micronesia).I'm majoring in Computer Information System.I have two sisters and four brothers.My father died when I was in sophomore.I was graduated from Rohi elementary school. After that I went to Pohnpei Island Central high school.When I was in high school, my major was Mechanics.Majoring in mechanic was fun,exciting and challenging during those past days.

Again, I'm majoring in Computer Information System.This field of study is really hard but you know study is the only key to succeed.As we all know, education is the key to happiness without it we will have hard time to live. The reason why I chose CIS to be my major is to learn more about it and the advantage of computers.Every where around the whole world are using computers. Computers are useful in so many different ways.

My future plan is to become a computer specialist or work in big businesses. I always tried my very best so that I can achieve my goal.As of now I really enjoy this field and looking forward to graduate.Well,being a college student is fun,exciting and more challenging.You have to be careful in whatever you do and think twice.bye see ya around!!!!

Here are my hobbies