Zinnia peruviana with unidentified other Asteraceae

Unknown asteraceae Unknown asteraceae Silverina Pretrick

Unknown asteraceae Unknown asteraceae

The following image is thought to be Zinnia peruviana due to its simple opposite leaves and pink ray flowers. These pictures were taken in 2000. As far as I recall, now being 2005, the preceding two images were the same plant. All of these plants appeared to be inter-related. This said, an expert in the flora of mesoamerica was uncertain about any of the other flowers on this page, other than that they are definitely not the Mexican sunflower Tithonia My thanks to John Pruski of the Missouri Botanical Garden for his kind assistance.
sZinnia peruviana

Unknown asteraceae silverina_m04.jpg (22435 bytes) Unknown asteraceae

Photos taken in Palikir, Pohnpei.

Genus Species: Undetermined

Family: Aster family?

Chuukese name: none

English name: none

Kosraen name: none

Pohnpeian name: none

Yapese name: none

Growth from: herb

Growth location: terrestrial, exposed to sunlight

Growth environment: dry areas

Growth zone: tropical

Average height: 36 in.

Stem: light green, branches from main stem

Leaf arrangement: opposite

Stipule: none

Petioles: green, 3 cm

Leaf blade: green, hairy on the bottom, deltoid

Inflorescence: Varies among plants, single flowered, 2.5 inches-pedicel

Floral bracts: none

Flower: actinomorphic, complete, ligulate flowers in the middle, pink, yellow, white

Calyx: green,

Corolla: varies, pink, yellow, white

Stamens:numerous, color varies, very small

Ovary: inferior, green, 2 cm wide

Style:1 cm, varies,

Fruit: none

Seed: none

Anything else: newly introduced

Silverina Pretrick