Saccharum officinarum

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Photo taken in Palikir.

  1. Latin Binomial: Diaprepes Abbreviates
  2. Family: Poaceae
  3. Chuukese Name: Oow
  4. English Name: Sugarcane
  5. Kosraean Name: Tuh
  6. Yapese Name: Maki'il
  7. Pohnpeian Name: Sehu
  8. Growth Form: Herb
  9. Growth Location: Terrestrial
  10. Growth Environment: Forest
  11. Growth Zone: Tropical
  12. Average Height: 6ft and more
  13. Stem Branching Pattern:No branch Shape:Round Color:Black, green Bark characteristic: Soft
  14. Leaf arrangment: N/A
  15. Stipule: No Stipule
  16. Petioles: No Petioles
  17. Leaf blade: Shape: Lancelot Color: Light Green
  18. Inflorescence: N/A
  19. Floral bracts: N/A
  20. Flower: No flowers
  21. Calyx: No calyx
  22. Corolla: No carrola
  23. Stamens: N/A
  24. Ovary: No Ovary
  25. Style: N/A
  26. Fruit: No Fruits
  27. Seed: NO seeds
  28. Anything else: The juice is very sweet. It needs a lot of cleaning to keep the rats and other pest out. It is the stem that is being eaten.
  29. Cultural useage: Always used in special gatherings such as funerals and feasts.

Collected by: Boldon Abraham

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