Tectona grandis


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Photos taken in Madolehnihmw in Pohnauleng, Senpehn.

1. Genus species: Tectona grandis
2. Family: verbenaceae
3. Chuukese name: N/A
4. English name: Teak
5. Kosraen name: N/A
6. Pohnpeian name: Tuhkehn wai
7. Yapeses name: N/A
8. Growth form: tree
9. Growth location: terrestrial
10. Growth environment: cultivated garden found in Madolenihmw
11. Growth Zone: tropical
12. Average Height: 40-50 feet
13. Stem: woody and branchout. stem is brown in color.
14. Leaf arrangement: alternate. Produces red tint when rubbed.
15. Stipule:N/A
16. Petiole: N/A
17. Leaf blade: Green in color and is a pinnate venation
18. inflorescence: N/A
19. Floral Bracts: N/A
20. Flower: is a Zygomorphic symmetry with three anthers.
21. calyx: N/A
22. corolla:six
23. Stamens: three
24. ovary: N/A
25. Style: N/A
26. Fruit: green, hairy and round
27. Seed: surrounded by the fruit
28. Anything else: no fragrance smell and is an introduced plant.
29. Cultural Usage: use as paint.

Descriptive work done by Pelsihner Elias.  Trees are in her yard.

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