Ochna thomasiana

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Photos taken at home of Natalia Peter in Kepinle, Kolonia.

Family: Ochnaceae

English: Mickey Mouse Plant

  1. Genus Species: Ochna multiflora
  2. Family: Ochnacaea
  3. Chuukese Name: unknown
  4. English Name: Mickey mouse plant/Bird's eye bush
  5. Kosrae Name: unknown
  6. Pohnpei Name:unkwown
  7. Yap Name: unknown
  8. Growth Form: Shrub
  9. Growth location: terrestrial
  10. Growth Environment: cultivated garden
  11. Growth Zone: Tropical
  12. Average Height: five feet
  13. Stem: Branching Stem
  14. Leaf arrangement: alternate
  15. Stipule: absent
  16. Petioles: none
  17. Leaf blade: narrowly elliptical; green color; accute; serrelate; pinnate
  18. Inflorescence:
  19. Floral bracts: absent
  20. Flower: actinomorphic
  21. Calyx: not observed
  22. Corolla: five
  23. Stamen: monodephous
  24. Ovary: center
  25. Style: not observed
  26. Fruit: not shown
  27. Seed: single seed; yellow when young and turned black as it gets older

Shinmaysin Gonzaga

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