Cocos nucifera

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Family: Arecaceae


Burton Charley: The young roots, kalewe, are pounded and applied to a cut to stop bleeding. The skin of the stem, kili, can be ground off and taken to treat diarhea. The new leaf, before it unfurls, paini, can be pounded and applied to a dog bite wound. This will not only treat the wound, but it can cause, for unexplainable reasons, the dog's teeth to fall out. The juice of the young coconut fruit, before it is ripe, kurumu, is also used to treat diarhea. February 2004.

Dana Lee Ling: In 2001 Marlin was two and hospitalized with diarhea. He was on an IV for six days. The hospital lab could not determine a cause to the diarhea and it was unresponsive to anti-biotics. The hospital thought a gram negative bacteria might be involved, but that was likely a blind guess. After six days I administered kurumu and the diarhea stopped within the hour. Marlin was fine and discharged immediately thereafter. February 2004.

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