Bambusa spp.

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Photos taken in Palikir.

Family name: Poaceae or Graminaea

English name: Bamboo

chuukese name: Ich

Yapese name: Mor

Pohnpei name: Poahri

Kosrea name: Pambu

Growth form: Giant grass Tree

growth location: Terrestrial

growth enviroment: Forest

growth zone:  tropical

Average height: In feet this tree can grow about 130ft

Stem: It has jointed stem. It is long and verticle stem. the stem is also woody. the skin is smooth. No presence of hair.Green to yellow in color.

Leaf arrangement: opposite arangment

Stipule: Absent

Petiole: the petiole is thick and green in color.

Leaf blade:  the leaf is lenear shape with cuneate tip. the color is green yellow.

Inflroescenct: none

floral brackts: none

flower: none

calyx: none

corrola: none

stamens: none

ovary: none

style: none

friut: none

Seed: none

Anything else: Spread by under ground stem ( rihzome ), which like th above ground stem.

Cultural usage: Bamboo stem has lots of culutral usage. Bamboo stem are used for building houses. It is used for making floors walls and roofs. It is also used for fishing poles and fishing rafts. Even the stems are used for water pipes ( local pipes).

Descriptive work done by Daphne Anson.

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