Averrhoa bilimbi

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Genus Species: Averrhoa bilimbi

Family: Oxalidaceae

Chuukese name: (unknown)

English name: cucumber tree

Kosraen name: (unknown)

Pohnpeian name: (unknown)

Yapese name: Kumim

Growth form: tree

Growth location: terrestrial

Growth environment: cultivated garden

Growth zone: Tropical

Average height: more commonly between 20 to 30 feet high but can grow higher up to 60 feet

Stem:short trunk soon dividing into a number of upright branches.

Leaf arrangement: alternate, odd-pinnately compound.

Stipule: absent

Petioles: Length averaging between 7 - 12 inches, brown.

Leaf blade: acute, ovate, medium-green on the upper surface, pale on the underside.


Flower: Small, fragrant, 5-petalled flowers, dark-red, produced in the panicles from the trunk and older branches

Calyx: green, five parts

Corolla: five petals, dark-red,


Ovary: inferior

Fruit: small cucumbers and usually range from 2 to 3 inches in length, crisp when unripe, turns from bright-green to yellowish-green when about to ripe

Seed: flattened, disc-like seeds about 1/4 in (6 mm) wide, smooth and brown.

Cultural usage: cooking in soup and eating. Can be in many recipe.

- Rufino Xavier

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