Vegetative Morphology and Character Laboratory

Obtaining specimensaveas.gif (4381 bytes)

On the walk try to find either the leaf shape assigned to you.


  1. Place the specimen on the scanner
  2. In the computer laboratory on A204-29 open up from the Programs menu HP DeskScan II: HP DeskScan II
  3. Scan the leaf.  Adjust the region and size to be under 70,000 pixels.  Notes will be given in class.
  4. Adjust the contrast and balance as necessary.saveasfile.gif (5276 bytes)
  5. Save as a TIF file to your floppy disk. Use your name concatenated with the leaf shape name for the file name, putting an underscore between your name and the leaf shape.   For example: "dana_obovate"

Creating the Web Page

  1. Open FrontPage Express.  It may on the Programs menu, in the Programs: Internet Explorer folder, or in the Programs: Accessories: Internet Tools folder.image_dialog.gif (9493 bytes)
  2. Choose "Save as..." from the file menu.  In the "Save As" dialog box give the web page its "Page Title."  This is what you placed between the <title> and </title> tags last week.
  3. Click on the "As File" button in the Save dialog box.
  4. Save the file to your floppy disk using your name concatenated with the leaf shape name, putting an underscore between your name and the leaf shape name. Add an "L" to the extension to save the file as ".html" instead of ".htm"  As an example, my own web page would be "dana_obovate.html"
  5. Click on Save.
  6. Type the shape name as the first line of the page.
  7. Format the shape name as Heading 1.
  8. Choose "Image" from the Insert menu.
  9. Navigate to the floppy disk drive.
  10. Change the file format to TIF.
  11. Choose your image file and click OK.
  12. Click on the image with the RIGHT mouse button and choose "Properties" from the pop-up menu.
  13. Click on JPEG and set the Quality to 75.
  14. Type in the name of the leaf shape for the Alternative Representation: Text.
  15. Click on OK.
  16. Click on the Save icon.  When a dialog box asks if you want to save your JPEG, say "Yes to all"
  17. Type in your name.
  18. Type in "Botany Home Page"
  19. Select the words "Botany Home Page" and then choose Insert: Hyperlink.
  20. Manually type in the URL
  21. Email the HTML file and the JPG to

Botany home page
Lee Ling home
COM-FSM home page