Quicky Quiz 9:

  1. What is the rhizosphere?

  2. What is an indigenous plant?

  3. What is allelopathy?

  4. Why is an invasive alien plant that grows well in the shade more dangerous than one that only grows well in the sunshine?

  5. Why is Merremia peltata (iohl, puhlah), a vine that can smother shrubs and trees, not considered a dangerous invasive by Bill Raynor?

  6. What is one way we can, on our own land, help ensure the survival of indigenous plants?

  7. What are some of the ways invasive alien plants introduced into the mountains?

  8. The two kalak trees we saw were referred to as "remnant" trees.  What are they a remnant of?

  9. Toughie: Who introduced ilangilang (sehr en wai) to Pohnpei?

  10. Toughie: Who introduced Wedelia trilobata (the little yellow sunflower that Bill works on ripping out of his property)?

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