Quicky Quiz 7: Matching

1. _____ Consumption of the product of the seeds of this plant can lead to neurological disorders later in life. A. Averrhoe carambola
2. _____ This fragrant nut is used in cooking, but if you over indulge you may experience narcotic and mystical effects. B. Cinnamonum zeylonica
3. _____ This member of the pepper family is known for its black as night kernels and was formerly an export of Pohnpei C. Coffea arabica
4. _____ The red drupes of this plant are the source for a middle eastern beverage that is served across Micronesia at meetings, wakes, and many other occasions D. Cycas circinalis
5. _____ This dioecious plant produces a middle eastern fruit that is eaten like candy E. Ficus elasticus
6. _____ This tree bears fruit on its trunk, the seed of which produce a drink fit for gods and children of all ages. F. Myristica fragrans
7. _____ This tree from Ceylon brings a whole new meaning to barking for your food! G. Phoenix dactylifera
8. _____ This highly elastic product of this fig tree family member is produced from the sap. H. Piper nigrum
9. _____ This tree produces a yellow fruit that slices into very beautifully into five-pointed stars I. Theobroma cacao

10. Optional: What is Psilotum complanatum?

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