Quickie Quiz 3

  1. Which organism lives in a "glass house?"

  2. Euglena has special abilities both with the lights on and with the lights off.   What are these special abilities in the light and in the dark?

  3. Spirogyra has only one method of asexual reproduction, what is that one method?

  4. Draw a sketch of a spirogyra including the cell wall and the chloroplast.  Label the parts of the Spirogyra.

  5. How many files would you have to submit in order to turn in the following web page?

<img src="stinkhorn01.jpg" width="200" height="266">
<img src="stinkhorn02.jpg" width="200" height="266">
<img src="stinkhorn03.jpg" width="200" height="266">
<p>Stinkhorn photographed in Nantipw-Lewetik Nett, 21 November 1999 by Dana Lee Ling.</p>
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