Bryophyta: Class Musci (Mosses)

Two basic growth habits:

Like babies: small, cute, and usually wet.
Terminology: gametophyte, sporophyte, seta, capsule, operculum


Lycopodium cernuum (Linnaeus) "Club moss" kidim en mal (growing up in the grass)
Lycopodium phlegmaria (Rock Tassel Fern) limpahr (identification tentative)

Selaginella kanehirae (Spike moss) (identification tentative)

Terminology: strobilus (cone), stolon

Further information:


Asplenium nidus (Bird's Nest Fern) chöölik, muhlihklihk, tehnlik
Cyathea nigricans (
Tree Fern) katar
Davallia solida (
Rabbit's Foot Fern) uluhl en kieil (lizard pillow)1
Dicranopteris Linearis (
False Staghorn Fern) mwedil en mal (to wrap)
Nephrolepis acutifolia (
Sword Fern - epiphytic) marekenleng(?) kidou(?)
Nephrolepis hirsutula (
Sword Fern - terrestrial) rehdil (through-grass)2
Phymatosorus scolopendria
(Maile-scented fern) amäära, sra-kwenkwen, kitieu(?), gob
Trichomanes pallidum (
Filmy Fern) didimwerek (lights up at night)

1Both Phymatasorus scolopendria and Davallia solida have been identified to me as being uluhl en kieil.  P. scolopendria is listed in one source as possibly being kitieu.

2There are some contradictions in the literature I have on the correct name for the Nephrolepis ferns.  N. hirsutula may actually be called limenkasar.

Fern Terminology

Location: aquatic, epiphytic, terrestrial
Frond: undivided, lobed, divided; stipe, rachis, pinna (pinnae); fiddle head
Base: rhizome
Reproductive: sorus (sori), indusium (indusia),

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