Location collected: In lawns and roadsides

Date collected: Dec,09 1999
Collected by Harry E. Saul
Synonyms: Paspalu conjugatu

1. Genus Species: Paspalum Conjugatum
2. Family: Poaceae (Grass Family)
3.Chuukese name: sip
4. English name: Hilo grass, sour paspalum, t-grass
5. Kosraen name:Maah
6. Pohnpeian name: Reh padil menipinip or rehn wai
7. Yapese name: K'ar
8. Growth form: A creeping perennial grass
9. Growth location: Terrestrial
10. Growth environment: Caltivated gardens, roadsides and in the lawns.
11. Growth zone: Tropical
12. Average height: 20-60cm high,
13. Stem: Spreading by long, often reddish-purple stolons.
14. Leaf arragement: Flattened, keeled, green or tinged with purple margins somewhat hairy;
15. Stipule: Absent
16. Petioles: Present with 1mm long
17. Leaf blade: 8-20x 0.5-1.5 cm ; surface glabrous or stiffly hairy
18. Inflorescence: Two terminal, widely spreading racemes 5-15 cm long
19. Flora bract: Absent
20. Flower: Spikelets 1.5-2 cm long, ovate,flattened
21. Calyx: Two parts spiklets that has a pale green color, the margin fringed with long silky hair.
22. Corolla: Two spreading parts
23. Stamen: Three
24. Ovary: inferior
25.Style: 5-15cm long
26. Fruit: N/A
27. Seed: Small tiny seeds on the two racemes.
28. Anything else: It particularly grow in a wet place up to 950 m elevation.
29. Cultural usage: Chicken's stock reserved for every day uses.