Pachystachys lutea

Date collected: December 04, 1999
Collected by:Joyce Ann Edgar

Synonym: Pachystachys lutea

  1. Genus species: Pachystachys lutea
  2. Family: Acanthaceae
  3. English name: Golden Candle (Lollipop plant)
  4. Chuukese name:
  5. Kosraean name:
  6. Pohnpeian name:
  7. Yapese name:
  8. Growth form: Shrub
  9. Growth location: terrestrial
  10. Growth environment: cultivated garden
  11. Growth zone: tropical
  12. Average height: 70 cm
  13. Stem: woody smooth
  14. Leaf arrangement: alternate
  15. Stipule: absent
  16. Petioles: 0.1-0.3 cm
  17. Leaf blade:oval to lanceolate shaped leaves; 1-15 cm long,acuminate tip; acute to cordate base; kind of smooth, bright green upper surface; pinnate venation; entire to serrulate margin
  18. Inflorescence:spike usually comprised of four or more flowers; flowers are opposite located at the base of each bract
  19. Floral bracts: cone-shaped; each bract is kind of cordate shaped; 2.5 cm; golden yellow
  20. Flower: bilabiate
  21. Calyx: two observed
  22. Corrola: seem to be four or five, but fused together
  23. Stamens: 2 observed at time of collection; 1.5-2 cm filament; fork-like 0.4 anthers
  24. Ovary: green
  25. Style: 2-2.5 cm single style
  26. Fruit: flower odor is light
  27. Seed: none observed at collection time
  28. Anything else:
  29. Cultural usage:

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