1. Genus species:Musa spp.
  2. Family: Musaceae
  3. English name: Cooking banana
  4. Chuukese name:
  5. Kosrean name: Apact Fusus
  6. Pohnpeian name:Uht in lihli
  7. Mwokilese name:Wis in lihli, Wis in Ruk
  8. Yapese name:
  9. Growth form: Tree
  10. Growth location: terrestrial
  11. Growth environment: cultivated garden
  12. Growth zone: tropical
  13. Average height: 3.0-9.5m
  14. Stem: non-woody,smooth, made from tightly rolled spiral leaf bases
  15. Leaf arrangement: whorled, simple
  16. Stipule: none observed
  17. Petioles:.3-.5m
  18. Leaf blade: oblong, margin is entire, refuse tip, slightly shiny surface, parallel venation opposite of rachis, light green, 3.0m in length
  19. Infloresence: complex spike
  20. Floral bracts: ovate, reddish
  21. Flower: many clusters arranged spirally, do not encircel peduncle, lower basal 5-15 basal nodes produce female flowers, clusters of sterile flowers follows the lower basal, the upper or distal basal nodes produce male flowers(S.L. Kochar, Tropical Crops,p195), the flower is zygomorphic
  22. Calyx: five fused segments, one small free posterior sement
  23. Corolla: undetermined
  24. Stamens: five on the male flowers which produce unfunctionable pollen
  25. Ovary: inferior
  26. Pistil:
  27. Fruit: berry, endocarp fleshy, simple fruit, green when not ripe, yellow when ripe
  28. Seed: none observed, reminants of ovules appear as brown specks in the center of the fruit
  29. Anything else: most important and most widely grown tropical plant, it is the oldest fruit known to mankind.
  30. Cultural usage: leaf is used for uhmw, wrapping food and umbrella, it's trunk is used for various kinds of medicinal purposes.