Psidium spp.

Palikir, Pohnpei:

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Scanned in laboratory, source Upper Mwalok:

Future work: Better imaging, determination of species.  Open for improvement.

Location collected: Upper Mwalok

Date collected: December 01,1999

Collected by: Morthy Solomon

  1. Genus species:
  2. Family:
  3. English name: Guava
  4. Chuukese name: kuapa
  5. Kosraen name:kuhfahfah
  6. Pohnpeian name:kuahpa
  7. Yapese name:kuawa
  8. Growth form:tree
  9. Growth location:terrestrial
  10. Growth environment:grows wild on the island
  11. Growth zone: Tropical
  12. Average heigth:10-12 meters
  13. Stem: woody, smooth
  14. Leaf arrangement: simple, opposite
  15. Stipule: present
  16. Petiole:0.5-1.0 cm.
  17. Leaf blade:greenish in color,2-4cm.long
  18. Inflorescence: raceme
  19. Floral bracts: not present
  20. Flower: grows adjacent from the fruit and white in color ,rotationally symmetrical
  21. Calyx: not present
  22. Corolla: white anterior green posterior, three lobes
  23. Stamens: not present
  24. Ovary: is interior
  25. Pistil: white pistil sticking from the young fruit
  26. Fruit: green round fruit
  27. Seed: located in fruit
  28. Anything else: most amazing fruit with its flowering position
  29. Cultural usage: for consumption, medicinal uses(diarrhea)