Location collected: COM-FSM National campus outside cafeteria
Date collected: December 15, 1999
Collected by: Stephan Carlos


1. Genus species:
2.Family name:
3.English name:
4.Chuukese name: ira folufol
5.Kosraen name: unknown
6.Yapese name: unknown
7.Pohnpeian name: unknown
8.Growth form: shrub
9.Growth location: terestrial
10.Growth environment: cultivated garden
11.Growth zone:tropical
12.Average height: three to four meters
13.Stem: woody, thorny
14.Leaf arrangement: lope
15.Stipule: absent
16.Petioles: absent
17.Leaf plade: lope
18.Inflorescence: single flower
19.Floral bract:none
20.Flower: dark red
21.Calyx: absent
22.Corolla: fused greenish with five lopes.
23.Stamens: single redish upward
26.Friut: none
27. Seed: none
28.Anything else: no strong odor
29.Cultural usage: unknown
30.belived it's an introduced species.