Evolvulus glomeratus

Evolvulus glomeratus Evolvulus glomeratus

Date collected: December 04, 1999
Collected by:Joyce Ann Edgar [at "Lori Ditchers" in Ohmine]


  1. Genus species: Evolvulus glomeratus
  2. Family: Convolvulaceae
  3. English name: Blue Daze, Hawaiian Blue Eyes
  4. Chuukese name:
  5. Kosraean name:
  6. Pohnpeian name:
  7. Yapese name:
  8. Growth form: Shrub
  9. Growth location: terrestrial
  10. Growth environment: cultivated garden
  11. Growht zone: tropical
  12. Average height: 52.5 cm
  13. Stem: woody, rough-kind of hairy; alternate; brown
  14. Leaf arrangement: alternate
  15. Stipule: light green; star-shaped
  16. Petioles: 0.1-0.2 cm long
  17. Leaf blade: elliptical to ovate leaf shape; acute tip; acute base; entire margin; green; pinnate venation
  18. Inflorescence: spike; five flowers observed
  19. Floral bracts: none
  20. Flower: rotationally symmetry and fused
  21. Calyx: five; white
  22. Corrola: five fused purple corrola
  23. Stamens: five white stamens; 0.2-0.3 cm filament; 0.2 cm white anther; basifixed
  24. Ovary: inferior
  25. Style: 1 cm; white
  26. Fruit: none
  27. Seed: not observed
  28. Anything else: flowers closes in the afternoon; opens up from 9:00 a.m.
  29. Cultural usage: none that I know of

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