Eleusine indica

Location colleted: Road sides and lawn
Date collected: Nov 28, 1999
Collected by: Harry E. Saul

Synonyms: Eleusin indico

1. Genus Species: Eleusine Indica
2. Family: Poaceae (grass family)
3. Chuukese name: Fedin
4. Englis name: Goosegrass
5. Kosraen name: Ma
6. Pohnpeian name: Reh takai [grass stone, referring to difficulty of removal]
7. Yapese name: Laaped
8. Growth form: Tufted annual grass
9. Growth location: Terrestrial
10. Growth environment: Cultivated garden, and in the lawn especially
11. Growth zone: Tropical
12. Average height: 15-60 cm long
13. Stems: Flattened glabrous
14. Leaf arragement: Straight, flattened, keeled, slightly hairy along margins and at base
15. Stipule: Absent
16. Petioles: 1 cm long
17. Leaf blade: 6-30x 0.3-0.8 cm, long, surface mostly glabrous; midrib and upper margin scrabrous
18. Inflorescence: of 2-7 terminal, one sided spikes 0.3-0.7 cm long usually with one arising below the others.
19. Flora bract: Absent
20. Flower: Female
21. Calyx: Often with one branch attached below them
22. Corolla: N/A
23. Stamen: Flattened culums, 2-7 coars terminal
24. Ovary: N/A
25. Style: 3-5 cm long
26. Fruits: N/A
27. Seed: Many seed attached to the spikes
28. Anything else: Eleusine indica is native to the Old World Tropics and is now widely naturalized in the New World as well. It is common in sunny distrubed places especially in lawns and along dirt road and tracks at up to 900m elevation.
29. Cultural usage: N/A

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