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Location collected: RV-Shop in Nanponmal
Date collected: 11-20-99
Collected by: Perelini Likiaksa

  1. Genus Species (if identifiable): Artocarpus altilis
  2. Family (if indentifiable): Morosaceae
  3. English name: Breadfruit
  4. Chuukese name: Maichul
  5. Kosraen name: Ikunlal
  6. Pohnpeian name: Maiuhp
  7. Yapese name (if named in Yapese)
  8. Growth form: Tree
  9. Growth location: Terrestrial
  10. Growth environment: forest, savannah,cultivated garden, etc.
  11. Growth zone: Tropical and semi tropical
  12. Average height: 20 to 28 meters long
  13. Stem--Rough at the base and also woody
  14. Leaf arrangement: Alternate
  15. Stipule---present/absent, if present--shape, size, color, unusual features, etc
  16. Petioles--length, surface, other features; or stipe and rachis description for ferns.
  17. Leaf blade- Deep lobed shape with a shiny green color upper surface, smooth
  18. Inflorescence-Penicle
  19. Floral bracts-Absent
  20. Flower-Not sure
  21. Calyx-
  22. Corolla-
  23. Stamens-
  24. Ovary-
  25. Style-
  26. Fruit: Oblong or round at about 8" long and 6" in diameter
  27. Seed: Absent
  28. Anything else:
  29. Cultural usage: Local canoe can also made out of the tree, Fruits used on special occasions.

Cultural Significance


Breadfruit Trees (Articarpus Altilis) are very important in the Kosraean culture. It is a multipurpose tree. Some areas of breadfruit trees that are that important are the stem, leaves, and fruits. The Kosraean use them everyday. It is very significant that Governor Rensley Sigrah and the Captian of the Makali'i planted one because its the only tree that can be use to build canoe.

First area use in these trees are the stems. It is use for many things. The most important one is that it is use to build canoes. It is first cut down by the young men then the aging men do the carving. It is usually build to celebrate Liberation Day in Kosrae. It is use for firewoods, houses, and many others.

The leaves are use to wrap food for cooking. There is a mediencial use of it but only a few people knows it and won't share it. The leaves a also use to make fans.

Breadfruit is use for many recipes. My favorate is the "Moriki" or pounded breadfruit. Every Saturday, men prepare it for the next day. Everyday you will likely to see someone eats it.

Cultural Significance by: Boldon Abraham


Breadfruit (Moai)

Breadfruit is indeed significant in the Mwokilese culture. The Mwokilese call this breadfruit tree "moai".We like to use the fruit during important occasions and also usual occasions. the main part of the plant that we use now is the fruit. If we are cooking in a uhmw, then we also use the leaves for covering up the uhmw.

How do we use them?

During funerals, we just bring fruits as they are and distribute them among the guests after the burial ceremony. However, during birthday and Anniversary parties or other parties for that matter, we cook the fruit and bring it in a dish. There are various recipes that can be obtained from this particular fruit, and Mwokilese love it.

Other Uses:

I was told that our ancestors use to make canoes out of the trunk. I also heard that they ase the roots for medical puposes. My grandparents passed away already so I could not get information on how exactly the canoes and medicines are made from this tree. My parents lack that knowledge. These traits are obviously not passes down from our ancestors to us, the later generation.

Natalia Peter, Fall 2000

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