Crotolaria pallida

crotalar.jpg (29874 bytes) FABACEAE (PEA FAMILY)


Habitat: Terrestial; Open, humid, and sunny areas.It is a shrub.

Location: Found on southwest side of the College of Micronesia - FSM campus, along the roadside; it is terrestial.

Leaf: Palmately compound, of three. Oval in shape and acute at the base.

Flower: Corolla is bilabial, and yellow in color, with brown streaks on petals.The youngest flowers are located at the tip end and descending are the oldest.

Leaves and flowers are alternate.

Calyx: h=0.4 cm; diameter=0.3 cm

Sepals: 0.5 cm

Corolla: Top=1.2 cm; middle=1 cm

Gynoecium and Androecium are located in the bottom sealed sac (1.1 cm)

Filaments: 0.6 cm ( about 9 filaments)

Style: 0.9 cm

Ovary: Superior to the corolla and calyx.

Collected by: YN

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