Dioscorea alata

FAMILY: Dioscoreaceae


VEGETATIVE CHARISTERISTICS: It is tuber plant with a modified stem growing from the tuber that grows to a length of approximately 30feet (9meters).The stem is a tendrial.

Habit: Herb, most suitible when planted in shady areas. Kehps are usually planted near tall trees (usually the breadfruit tree) and have poles extending from the it to the higher branches of the tree for the vines of the yam to climb.

Leaf shape: Ovate-cordate with acuminate tip and entire margin.

Floral Discription(if any): N/A.

LOCATION: Sekir N Street, Kolonia

DATE: December 5th, 1998. 9:15AM


Secondary description by Boldon Abraham

  1. Genus Species: Dioscorea
  2. Family: Dioscoreaceae
  3. Chuukese Name: Eep
  4. English Name: Yams
  5. Kosraean Name: Muhtah
  6. Pohnpeian Name: Kehp
  7. Yapese Name: La'k
  8. Growth Form: Vine
  9. Growth Location: Terrestrial
  10. Growth Environment: Forest
  11. Growth Zone: Tropical
  12. Average Height: 2.4 meters (8ft)
  13. Stem: Branching Pattern: N/A Shape: Tuber(round) Size: 1 inch thick Color: Green
  14. Leaf Arrangement: N/A
  15. Stipule: Not Visible
  16. Petioles: N/A
  17. Leaf Blade: Shape: Ovate-cordate Color: Green
  18. Inflorescene: None
  19. Floral Bracts: N/A
  20. Flowers: White or greenish yellow flowers
  21. Calyx: # of parts: Six degree of fusion: none
  22. Corolla: # of parts: Six Shape: Lobed
  23. Stamen: Not Visible
  24. Ovary: Not Visible
  25. Seeds: No Seeds
  26. Anything else: Grow well in shady places and needs the aid of other trees to grow. Animals that usually bothers it are pigs.
  27. Cultural Usage: Use mostly as a family food.

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