Syzygium malaccense
Eugenia malaccensis

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Syzygium  malaccensis, S. samarangense, Syzygium spp. and other information on the confusion amongst the wax apples

FAMILY: Myrtaceae.


VEGETATIVE CHARISTERISTICS: Averageing about 40 feet in length, The Malay Apple is an medium sized tree that has a smooth molted bark

Habit: Tree. It is usually found in the cultivated areas of the island or in the lowlands of high (volcanic) islands.

Leaf shape: Elliptical shape, with accuminate tip, acute base and entire margin.(dark green in color.)

Floral Discription(if any): White or pink in color. Small rotate with enlarged sepal and reduced petel with cyme inflorecence. Several filiments grow far above the stigmas.

Fruit Description: Like a miniturized apple but is much rounder. It is red and is about 3.5 inches (8cm) with a single hard seed in the center.

LOCATION: Kolonia, Pohnpei

DATE: December 5, 1998. 9:45AM.


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