Celosia (argentea) spicata

Alternate possible identification:
Celosia argentea 'Spicata' / Flamingo Purple
(see: http://www.macore.com/gu/01323951.htm)

1. Genus Species: Celosia Argentea Spicata

2. Family: Amaranthaceae

3. Chuukese name:

4. English name: Flamingo Purple

5. Kosraean name:

6. Pohnpeian name:

7. Yapese name:

8. Growth form: shrub

9. Growth location: terrestrial

10. Growth environment: anywhere on land

11. Growth zone: Tropical

12. Average height: 5 ft.

13. Stem: purplish, leaf scar, no presence of hairs

14. Leaf arrangement: whorled

15. Stipule: none

16. Petioles: 1-2 cm.

17. Leaf blade: dark purple, lanceolate, simple, pinnate

18. Inflorescence: no presence of hair

19. Floral bracts: none

20. Flower: male

21. Calyx: none

22. Corolla: none

23. Stamens: countless, color varying from light pink to dark purple

24. Ovary: none

25. Style: none

26. Fruit: none

27. Seed: none

28. Anything else: The plant remains dark purple when in the shade, and when it's in contact with the sun most of the time, the color changes from dark purple to light purplish pink.

29. Cultural use: none so far

Identified by: Kirsten Llamas
Fairchild Tropical Garden
Florida International University

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