Pennisetum polystachion

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There exists the theoretical possibility that this is actually Pennisetum purpureum.

Family: Poaceae

Chuukese name:

English name: Feathery pennisetum or Foxtail

Kosraen name:

Pohnpeian name: Dipw rais

Yapese name:

Location collected: COM-FSM campus behind boys dorm; can be found along side of roads.

Date collected: 04 December 1998

Collected by: Naimy Weilbacher

Vegetative characteristics:

Habit: Shrub; Found in hot places; usually terrestrial;

Leaf shape and morphology: parallel venation and linear in shape.Silky hairs up to 6mm long.

Stem type: it is woody with cylindrical panicle. Its about 7-10 ft in lenght.

Floral characteristics: the florals are numerous with little spiklets yellowish in color ( yellowish brown to purple in color).Botany

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