Ipomoea quamoclit (Quamoclit pennata)

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Family: Convolvulaceae

Chuukese name: N/A

Kosraen name: N/A

Pohnpean name: N/A

Yapese name: N/A

Location collected and date: Outside COM-FSM Females' Dormitory; Dec 1, 1998

Vegetative description: Its a creeping vine flower plant. The leaves are alternate. The leaves are like they oddly pinnate, but each one is one leaf and at the axillary bud the flower grew from there and another branch of the leaf grows out to crawl out in another direction. It mainly crawls along the ground but it likes to twine itself around other plants. The number of stamens are 5 and the number of pistil is one. It can grow all over the place if it doesn't die out first.

Floral description: The color of the flower is red and its shape is tubular. It grows at the axillary bud of the leaf. It is colorfully and the corolla is star-shaped .

Uses: For decoration outside the house, put it where it can twine itself around the pillars or window sills. It will make the exterior of the house nice.

Collected by: MM

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