Turnera ulmifolia

Images taken on 10 May 2007 at Seventh Day Adventist school

Turnera ulmifolia Turnera ulmifolia

Family: Turneraceae

Collection location and date: Outside COM-FSM Females' Dormitory; Dec 1, 1998

Vegetative description: The leaf is more like a ovate shape, and the margin of the leaf is dentate. The leaves branch out alternately . The plant is more like a bush and grows in soil that is good. It can grow to a height of about 2 or 3 feet tall.

Floral description: The flower has 5 petals and its rotate, wheel-shaped like. It has 5 sepals, 5 anthers, and 3 pistil. The anthers are shorter than the pistil. It has a smell that doesn't sweet more of sour odor. The color of the flower is yellow. The flower grows out at the axillary bud of the leaf. It looks as if the leaf and the flower are one for they are closely attached to each other.

Uses: It is planned around the house as part of the landscape.

Collected by:MM Dec 1, 1998

Origin: Mexico and Central America

Identified and origin by: Kirsten Llamas
Fairchild Tropical Garden
Florida International University

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