Impatiens spp.


Family: Balsaminaceae

Chuukese name: Not available

Kosraen name: Not available

Pohnpeian name: Wahpali

Yapese name: Not available

Collection location and date: Outside the COM-FSM Females' Dormitory; Dec 1, 1998

Vegetative description: The leaf shape is linear and the margin of the leaf is serrate, meaning the edges are like tiny teeths protruding out. The leaves of the plant branched out alternately. The plant is a shrub. The plant has seeds and the seeds are in a seed pod. There can be many as five seeds in the seed pod and when the seed burst out of the seed pod when the seeds are mature. The plant can grow really fast and it seems to grow in clusters due to the plants growing close together. The other thing is the flower of the plant is form inside the seed pod before bursting forth. It can grow to a height of 2 or 3 feet each. It thrives in earthly places, where the soil is good.

Floral Description: It has about 3 petals and there is a fourth one that acts as some sort of a cup. It cups the bottom of the petals. The corolla is a spurred flower and its also shaped like a papilionaceous flower. The stamen and the pistil are too small to be seen and its in the center of the flower. The color of the flower can be red, purple, pink, and white. 

The seed pod everts quite suddently once one of the five seams is split, flinging the seeds out.

Uses: The plant can only use as part of a landscape to make the ground look beautiful.

Collected by: MM

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