Epidendrum Spp. (possibly E. ibaguense or E. radicans)

Family: Orchidaceae

English: Crucifix Orchid

Origin: Central America

Location Collected: Nankewi-Sokehs, Pohnpei

Date Collected: December 8, 1998

Collected By: Harrington Lebehn

Vegetative Characteristics:

Habitat: Epiphytic( not rooted to the ground but living on other trees or plant); plant collected from a standing fern. Found in gardens and used for decoration.

Leaf Shape: Lanceolate shape; alternate arrangement; thick; smooth edge; entire;

Stem Type: Lignified; vine like.2-4 ft long.

Floral Characteristics: 5 red-orange sepals; sepals form a star-like appearance; one stand erect superior to the column( where the stamen and the pistil are joined). The lip is attached to the 0.3-.5cm column.


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