Orchidaceae (Arachnis?)

Possibly genus Arachnis (Blume)?

Family Name: Orchidaceae

Location Collected: Nankewi-Sokehs, Pohnpei

Date Collected: December 08, 1998

Vegetative Characteristics:

Habitat: Epiphytic( not rooted in the soil but living on other trees.) The plant was collected from a standing fern. Found in gardens.

Leaf Shape: Thick; 8-10cm long; Alternative; Lancelate; leaf margins are entire;bilobed tips.

Stem Type: Smooth;Lignified; 2-3ft. in length.

Floral Characteristics: Monocot; 5 sepals yellow with brown strips 3-4cm; one sepal stands erect above the column( where the pistil and stamen are joined).Sepals are smooth edged and thick.Column is .5 to1 cm in length.Ovary superior; petal or lip inferior to the column forming a jawlike appearance.

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