Cordyline fruticosa

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Family: Liliidae Agavaceae
English name: Ti plant or Good Luck Plant
Chuukese: Ira
Kosraen Name: ingingkal
Pohnpeian Name: Dihng
Yapese Name:
Growth form: Shrub
Growth location; terrestrial
Growth Environment: Cultivated garden.
Growth Zone: tropical
Average Height: 4-5m
Stem: Can have more branches and woody
Leaf arrangement: Opposite
Stipules: N/A
Petioles: N/A
Leaf Blade: lanceolate;the leaves are 30-50cm long.
Inflorescences: Raceme.It bears a small whitish purplish or reddish flower
Floral Bracts: N/A
Flower: Perfect flower
Calyx: when young it is fused when it grows old the calyx are free.
Corolla: Multiple of three which is a monocot and purble in color
Stamens: measurement of the stamen can be estimated by looking.
Ovary: inferior
Style: pale pink and bright yellow.
Fruit: large, red ,globose, fleshy berries.
Seed: round seed surrounded by the fruit.
Cultural Usage:It use as mwaramwar, for food wrapping and local medicines.
Description by Pelsihner Elias.  Photos by Filomina Bruton.

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