Senna alata (Cassia alata)

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Family: Fabaceae

English name: Candle bush
Chuukese name: arakak
Kosraen name: Sra kihto

Pingalapese: kito
Pohnpeian name: Tuhke en kilin wai
Yapese name:

Collection location and date: 05 December 1998

Vegetative description: It is a herb found in cool climate, like near the rivers. It can grow up to 15 feet tall, it has green alternate leaves,with even- pinnately leaflets.

Floral Description: The flowers are on a long pedicle with yellow color and bloom from the bottom to the end. They have 4-5 pedals

Uses: As far as I know, Pohpeian use it for local medicine.  Used to treat ringworm, other skin rashes.

Collected by: SS

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